I wrote a check to Fidelity Investments, David Schauss took the check and three months later check was fround in his ( personal account).It was reported to customer resolution department, it was never returned When Fidelity found out and spoke to Schauss he draiuned the account then told me there was no funds and sent me a copy of his account, due to the fabrication David Schauss capable of doing, he is a *** artist Beware..

And what about Fidelity Investment ..

they protect there own..rip off report has a ton of reports against them...As well as David Schauss..

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Port Saint Joe, Florida, United States #53339

David Schauss is no longer able to work in Arizonia because of his unethical practice.........woodbury Financial has gone out on a limb?

Aventura, Florida, United States #13611

Dear Sir,

I am working on behalf of Bangladesh Thai Aluminium PLC as an International Business Consultant to procure International Finance of $17million for their working Capital and Balancing and Modernization of Equipments. We are looking for international investors/partners/PPP to finance our above requirements:

Please allow me to give a very brief introduction of our Company:

Bangladesh Thai Aluminium is only the largest and pioneering company engaged in Manufacturing Extruded Anodized and Powder Coated Profiles in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Thai Aluminium was established in Bangladesh at a time when the market for aluminium profile was in it’s embryonic stage. BTA with its relentless marketing efforts could expand the market for aluminium profiles in Bangladesh in a very short time. Due to its quality products it could easily enter the foreign market and within a short time Bangladesh Thai Aluminium Limited positioned itself as manufacturer of quality products in the local market. During the period of 1995 – 2000 the company received many local and international awards for quality products and contribution to the economy. In no time the brand became so strong that the brand name became the product name in Bangladesh. During that time the market for aluminium profiles was pretty small but it was growing at a very faster rate. Almost 90% of the market share was captured by BTA. At that time world wide the aluminium ingot price was around US$1300.- per M.Ton. As a result the working capital was not a problem then)

From 2000 it started facing problems due to political victimization with the change of government as its Chairman was involved in politics. The new government influenced in various ways to deprive the company from getting requisite banking facilities from the government bank, which was it’s banker. This situation prevailed in the years from 2000 – 2006. These problems got aggravated due to world wide increase in prices of aluminium ingot nearly by 130% an as such requirement of working capital also increased by 150%. These could not be arranged due to the above mentioned reasons. Under these circumstances BTA could not cope-up with the increased demand for its product.

With special drive and minor private funding we are back in production and rapidly gaining our position. We are confident that we will regain our position if adequate funding is available.

Our production capacity presently is over 400 M. Tons a month (at 80% capacity) of extruded and anodized profiles. These could be easily achieved with the availability of adequate working capital. We have a good growing market of having 2000 M. Tons of aluminium requirement monthly. We have the requisite, expertise, manpower, production capability etc. BTA is still a popular brand in the market and market would consume what ever amount of profiles are supplied under this brand name. For optimum utilization of production capacity currently we need :

For working capital - US$ 9 million.

For balancing and modernizing of the equipment - US$ 8 million.

We need the amount in two phases. In the first phase for seven years, we need –

Working capital - US$ 7 million.

Equipment - US$ 3 million.

For the second phase -

Working capital - US$ 4 million.

Equipments - US$ 3 million.

Please advice us the process of getting a financial help/investment for our Company with lowest possible interest rate with longer repayment term. If you are interested to help us then we will provide you with the PROJECT PROFILE and every possible further information/documents when required by you.

Thank you very much anticipating of your prompt response please.

Best regards

Aziz Ahmed MBA(Lond), ACOT (Lond), MAA/IMI (Lond)

Tel: +44208 737 4654

MOB: +44 7723358201

Fax: +44 7092382299

E-mail: aa786uk@googlemail.com

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