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Elan/ US Bank not able to post outstanding balances on accounts for 4 or 5 days once they began converting from FIA.Balance transfers that were initiated before conversion but not yet completed by the bank appear lost - was told to wait 10 days to see if they show up - Elan says they have no record (which is absurd). No sense whatsoever that they take any accountability for not being able to perform routine functions that other institutions...
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I have a Fidelity Visa Card using Elan since late June 2016, to replace my American Express, Fidelity no longer uses FIA. A refund was not transferred to Elan, and when I called Customer services, they did not know what they were talking about, not mention the rudeness of Rep, she told me to wait 2 weeks until they figure out where the money went, currently they have no record and no clue. I'm hoping to see my credit soon, but wonder if I...
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