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Elan Financial Services - Stay Away! 3 of 3 people found it helpful
-- They transferred customers from an Amex to a Visa card without asking for permission ... -- ... but they didn't transfer the automatic payments so you get charged late fees and it affects your credit score -- Customer service didn't care much and only offered useless explanations about systems not connected and other stuff it shouldn't matter to customers -- They dont even tell you if they report it to the credit bureau Honestly, service used...
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We were told we would receive the same amount of rewards from the new Visa card as the previous American Express Card, which was 2 points for each dollar spent, with a credit of 1for 1 to my Fidelity account. When I went to redeem the same number of points with the Visa card, I would receive only half the reward as on the Amex card. That is where I would receive 5000 pts on Amex I would receive a credit of $50. With the Visa, I still get 5000...
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I didn't like
  • Way reward program was handled